Pay Roll / Salary Processing

Pay Roll / Salary Processing Services

  • We undertake the work of payroll / salary processing through our salary softwares available with us or through software installed by the establishment by deputing our person every month.
  • We have both Window based and Web based (as per the latest technology) salary software available with us.
  • Payslips , Form 16  and other employee information sent at a click of button, to respective employeesemail id.
  • Our aim is to process the payroll / salary with 24 – 48 hours on receipt of information from clients.
  • Our Web based software provide login to employees to edit, update and download basic information with much ease without disturbing the work of HR’s.
  • We provide necessary statutory as well as comprehensive other reports , MIS , Bank Transfer Files, Salary Statement monthwise, department or branch wise as required.
  • Attendance report received through bio metric software can be imported in our software which helps to process salary faster without mistakes.
  • Full & Final Settlement towards employees, Bonus Report & Leave records are well maintained in our software.
  • All important information are stored in the our software’s employee master which makes employer / HR’s work easy, with no physical documentation , paperwork required.