General / Other Compliances

In General / Other Compliances.

  • We undertake work of obtaining Shop & Establishment Licence and its compliances.
  • We undertake work of obtaining Contract Labour Licence & Registration Certificate under CLRA Act.
  • We undertake work of obtaining registration certificate under BOCW Act ( especially for building construction clients & contractors).
  • Provide Update on Minimum Wages, Payment of Wages, Maternity Benefit, Employee Compensation , POSH and various other labour law compliances.
  • We help work out the best salary structure / CTC of employees by creating win win situation for employee and employer.
  • We provide onetime advice on various labour laws and the new amendments which take place time to time.
  • Raising alarm / popups whenever we observe any non compliance / delay in compliance.
  • We keep Profit & Loss account , Balance Sheet of our clients checked to the extent possible to ensure no default in compliance under Salary, Wages and other expense head.
  • Try to keep bimonthly /quarterly meeting with the HR’s , Employers as the case may be for ensuring 100% compliance.